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The Canadian Classics endeavour to select skilled, experienced, fit, capable, and deserving players from throughout the true north, strong and free. Players must be Canadian citizens, of Classics age (Can Am = 30+ years old, WRC = 33+ years old) by anticipated travel dates, capable of international travel without restriction, and should model Classic Values to be eligible.

Selections are made by the Classics Board and are generally prioritized in the following order (but can vary depending upon various factors such as positional depth, cancellation, injury, etc):

  1. Capped Canadian Representatives

  2. Capped Canadian Sevens Representatives

  3. Canadian Rugby League Representatives

  4. Professional Players

  5. NA4 Canada East and/or West Representatives

  6. Canada Age Grade Representatives

  7. Canadian Rugby Championship and/or Rugby Canada Super League Representatives

  8. Provincial Union Representatives

  9. Provincial Sub-Union Representatives

  10. Premiership Club Level Representatives

  11. First Division Club Level Representatives


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